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We often quote and respect leaders of Jewish thought from past generations, but we don't often get the opportunity to thank them during their lifetime

This portal has been created for the purpose of thanking a Talmid Chacham, Leader of Jewish Thought in our generation.

Harav Adin, (Even Israel), Steinsaltz (may he have a good long life), has helped and supported multitudes of people, whether it be through his direct interaction with them, or through his works which have been translated into many languages.

Gratitude is one of the most basic and fundamental concepts of Judaism, to the point where the word "Jew," is connected to the concept of gratitude (see Genesis: 29:35)
This website allows us to fulfill the Mitzva, commandment, of showing gratitude, for anyone who feels he/she has been influenced by Rabbi Steinsaltz or for his personality, his life's work, his wisdom and education, and the critical decisions he made throughout his life.

This is a unique opportunity not only to say thank you, but to be a part of the community that follows and has been influenced by the vision and Torah of the Rabbi.

Rabbi Steinsaltz is the leader of our generation. He's written hundreds of books, articles, journals, has led public initiatives and social initiatives, and has become a spiritual leader and "Tour Guide," for hundreds of thousands. Rabbi Steinsaltz has helped to inspire people around the world, if you feel like you are one of them, please visit our website to say "thank you!"

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People said

Rav, thank you for so many things you‘ve done for me. I met you when my heart was broken not knowing if there was someone in my life I could rely on except for my parents. Every single word of yours is valuable for me and makes sense no mater I heard it in person or I read and keep on reading in your books. Thanks Hashem, today I have a wonderful family - my husband is your student for many years and I didn’t know it for a long time during our shiduch, you did our chupa in person which was another wonderful blessing from you to us and now we have a little boy Josef Vladimir. I’ve learned a lot since our first meeting. Every time I pray Shmone esre I try to mention you to have health and to continue being our spiritual leader. Thank you! Looking forward to see you in the nearest future!

Sarah Svetlana Shamanova Russia-Germany
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